Thank you for the fast reply, great product and too easy to use.

L. Scheffki

ETR Well Water Chlorination Kit

Best regards and thanks again…..appreciate your company’s efficiency and cooperation…..

P. Andreassen

President, Andreassen Associates, LLC

Thank you VERY much for the quick turn around on these results. We sent a sample to another lab a month ago and STILL have no report. I am very happy we had another sample taken and sent to you. . . .

Thank You again!

J. Bjork

President, Andreassen Associates, LLC

Thank you so much! I will be sending another order your way today. You guys are amazing!

D. Rogers

Thank you!! Very Pleased with the quick results. I will highly recommend you.

R. Diaz

ETR Labs has always provided responsive, professional services whenever we’ve needed to test or disinfect our water well. And the turnaround is fast. Thanks for all your help keeping our water safe.

M. Tayler

I write to express my sincere appreciation for the informative and extremely pertinent information you and ETR Laboratories provided.

My wife and I have been searching for a home to raise our family in. After identifying a potential property, we ordered a water quality test as part of the home inspection. The sample was analyzed by your firm and results were emailed, but the real value of the service was the counseling you provided. If we had relied solely on the established EPA limits for public drinking water, we may have been exposed to an unacceptably high level of nitrates. Because you made a dedicated effort to interpret and explain the results to me, my wife and I were able to make an informed decision regarding the inspection contingency.

I very much enjoyed speaking with you last week and learned much from you.

I will be sure to utilize ETR’s services again in the future.

Thank you,

D. Chaplin

Thank you so much  . . .You guys are always so great to work with!

D. Collins

It is always a pleasure working with you folks. . . . . . . I personally read a report from another lab here in Florida and your reports are much easier to read! They are very comprehensive. Thanks! Thought I would pass that along! . . . . . . .I think your customer service is wonderful too! Every time I call with a question or concern, it is immediately addressed in a professional, courteous and knowledgeable manner! Much appreciated in the business we are in.


Thank you and your company . . . . for such great service and an incredibly fast response!

J. Perry

Thank you for the prompt response, your team is a pleasure to do business with.

J. Pollard

I am extremely impressed with ETR Laboratories! When I called to ask how to get my private well water tested, the ETR Laboratories representative was very nice and helpful. It was so easy to send in my water sample and select the test I wanted to order. And the results came back really fast, and in a report that was clear and easy to understand. I will definitely use ETR Laboratories again, and I’ll recommend the company to others.

S. Ashley Ehrhart

Thank you. . .  It has been a pleasure working with you. . . . .

Karen G.

Thank you for the quick turnaround. Great Service!

L. Bizzotto

I’m very satisfied with the testing service provided as well as the professionalism, politeness, and responsiveness of ETR when I had questions or wanted to discuss the test results.

R Ferguson

Thank you! What a quick response! Both getting the sample kit in the mail and the results! Great customer service!

R. Tenney