How To Take A Sample

Samples should be delivered to the lab as soon as possible after they are taken.

Water Sample

Before you sample:

It is generally recommended to take your sample from the kitchen sink.  To prevent outside contamination or other interference, please do not remove any aerators or mixers from the tap unless there is visible contamination.

Plastic Bottle*:

Let cold water run for approximately 3 to 5 minutes (This flushes standing water from household plumbing).  Using caution not to touch the inside of container, fill almost all the way to the top.

Glass Vial:

Fill this vial slowly until water bulges on top of rim.  Then screw the cap on securely. Make sure not to allow any airspace or bubbles. (Air bubbles may occur after a short while. This is normal and does not affect sample.)

*NOTE:   You may have received more bottles than mentioned above.  For all other bottles, please fill so that the water is very near the top of each bottle.

Radon in Air

  1. Have the house closed up for at least 12 hours prior to beginning the test, or have the test extended for 12 hours.
  2. Keep the vial in place for a minimum of 48 hours.
  3. For most testing one vial should be placed in the lowest living level (usually the basement). Sampling in the main living area may also be desirable. The vial should be opened* and placed near the middle of the room, approximately 3 feet off of the floor, (away from walls and drafts).
  4. Windows and doors should be left closed for normal exit and entry. Avoid placement near windows or direct sunlight.
  5. hen collecting the vial screw the lid on tightly, complete the information on this form paying particular attention to completing the starting and ending dates and times.


* To open unscrew cap (do not remove cotton).