Well Cap


Well Cap Kit Includes:

  • Premium Well Cap
  • One ½-inch to 1-inch converter nipple
  • One 1-inch to 1-inch converter nipple
  • Three metal hose clamps
  • Six ½-inch nuts
  • Four silicone shrink-wrap tubes
  • Four silver wire connectors
  • A 1-inch diameter plastic pipe
  • Instruction manual
  • Well Chlorination Kit

Well caps are extremely important because they provide covering for the water source leading into homes with private well-water systems. We have identified what we believe to be a well cap that meets all the standards of a quality well cap at a reasonable price.

Features of the Premium Well Cap include:

  • Fits any standard 6″ well casing
  • The top of the cap can be removed without affecting the seal, conduit or wiring
  • Conforms to Water System Council PAS-97 (04) Standards
  • It comes with a center plug that makes it very easy for you to complete the disinfection process

We have created a kit that includes:

  • A complete list of all tools necessary to install the Premium Well Cap
  • A complete and illustrated set of instructions on how to install the Premium Well Cap. These instructions are written so any reasonably handy person can follow them for a successful installation.

A complete Water Well Disinfection Kit, including the EPA-recommended disinfection reagent and supplies necessary for a follow-up water test to ensure no bacterial contamination remains in your well, is sold separately for $59.95 + tax and S&H.