Privacy & Security

Your privacy is very important to us.

Environmental Testing & Research Laboratories respects your concerns about maintaining strict information privacy. Any information that you give to us is kept confidential. We do not sell, rent, share, or otherwise disclose mailing lists or other personally identifiable information.

All order information is processed in a secure environment. We maintain some records of individuals who contact us in case we contact you later or provide further information to you in the future. However, we do not provide this information to anyone else unless you give us your permission.

We do not share such names or other identifying information unless you specifically authorize us to do so. We enable “cookies” on our web site to support the secure ordering information process. Otherwise the server of our internet service provider collects information about the date and time in which our web site was accessed and the internet address of the web site from which you linked to our site.

Google and other browsers collect information about anyone using their services. We will only use any information gained from those services for purposes of the legal operation of ETR Laboratories. We will NEVER share that information with other entities except as the represent ETR Laboratories. We will hold all such companies to the standard that none of your personal information will be shared for any purpose not directly related to the legal operation of ETR Laboratories.

We will use this information internally to insure that you receive the highest level of service and maintain all information in a confidential manner.

If you have any questions or concerns about this privacy policy, please feel free to contact us at