Environmental Testing and Research Laboratories is pleased to offer services to support local school systems in achieving healthy drinking water for students and staff.

According to the EPA, the action level for lead in water is 0.015 mg/L.  Lead is a toxic metal that could be detrimental to human health and there is NO safe level for lead in water. You cannot see, smell, or taste lead. The only way to know if water is contaminated is to test it. We understand that it is your strong belief that it is the role of school system leaders to foster innovation and create environments where teaching can truly be transformed. To create an environment as such, it is critical to eliminate any and all factors which may be a potential health threat.

  • Sample pick up – A representative from ETR Laboratories can come and evaluate the plumbing as well as draw water samples.
  • Quick turnaround – ETR provides results in as little as 24 hours. Results are mailed, emailed, and/or faxed.
  • Confidential results – We hold our confidentiality policy to the highest standard, your results are private and will only be shared upon your request.
  • Consultation – ETR does not only focus on testing, we strive to find a solution for our customers as we hold our customers’ well-being to the highest regard.

For any questions or concerns contact Environmental Testing & Research Laboratories at (800) 344-9977 or

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