Dialysis Water Testing

Hospitals and clinics offering dialysis have an urgent need to understand the quality of the water and fluid used in their patient treatment. ETR Laboratories has developed substantial expertise in providing the testing these facilities require.   As with any other sample, the only way to have certainty of contaminant free water is to use quality laboratory testing.
Accuracy is important, but having those the results promptly is essential in order to ensure patients receive the safest possible treatment.  Current government guidelines require analysis by an independent laboratory. ETR has successfully provided this service for hospitals for some time.
Testing required for these clients includes heterotrophic plate count (also called standard plate count) and endotoxin testing with an occasional mycoplasma analysis.  To ensure timely receipt of samples in the laboratory, ETR Laboratories can arrange for pickup of samples in our service area.

 Results of testing are typically available as follows:


  • HPC/SPC – Reported 24 and 48 hours after arrival in the lab.
  • Endotoxin – No later than the end of the business day the sample is received.
  • Mycoplasma – No later than the end of the business day the sample is received.

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